The final project for EID102 Engineering Graphics was an open-ended assignment to use any computer aided design software to produce a design of our choosing. I used AutoDesk’s Eagle to make an alternate PCB design for the widely-used RAT guitar pedal.

fig. 1 - click on image to enlarge

Fig. 1 (right) shows the final assignment. After completing the assignment, I ordered the PCB and assembled the pedals in metal enclosures (fig. 2).

fig. 2 - click on image to enlarge


1. ElectroSmash - ProCo Rat Analysis.

course description

EID102 - Engineering Graphics

An introduction to graphical representation of 3-dimensional objects. After learning the principles of technical drawing using precision hand tools, students utilize CAD software to create professional caliber engineering drawings. An introduction to solid modeling is given. Topics include orthographic projections, linetypes, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, layers, layouts, solid modeling, part assemblies and finite element analysis.